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What to say, burglars love apartments more than houses. Fortunately, modern security alarm systems are especially designed for minimizing this risk. Nowadays, you are helped to protect your life and properties with easy-installed, well-operated and quite affordable security alarm systems for apartments. They are all equipped with points, or ‘contacts’, which sense any potential unauthorized entry. All you need is to switch on/off your keypad system.

Why Is Apartment Burglary a Concern?
The sad truth is that most apartment burglaries occur during the day (when people are at work or on vacation or holiday) or at night (while everyone is sleeping or not at home). Burglars look for jewelry, laptops, watches, expensive guns and hard cash, wanting quick money. According to the statistics, 30% of burglars gain apartment access through either an open door or window, using hammers, small bars, screw drivers and channel-lock pliers.

Remember that an unoccupied apartment with both easy access/escape and a great amount of cover is considered the best target for burglars. That is why, your main securing objective is making the apartment hard-broken.

Few tips to secure your apartment from burglars

  • Install automatic lights which are set to go on at preset timings in a day. This is one of the best systems to use when you are on vacation or come late from work. Light timer switches are pretty inexpensive and help give the impression that someone is at home.
  • Secure your doors and windows, check all locks and replace worn out locks. Deadbolt door locks are more secure than regular locks and are worth the investment.
  • Have a peephole installed so that you can notice who is at your door.
  • If you live on a lower floor make sure that the backyard is always clean and toys or other items are put away.
  • Install a suitable Alarm System. Paste stickers provided by your Alarm System company in visible areas. These act as great deterrents for the wary burglar.

Types of Alarm Systems

There are essentially two types of Alarm systems, hardwired and wireless alarm systems. Both are effective when installed properly. Many residents prefer Wireless Alarm Systems because they do not require any cables running through the house.

Installation is easier in wireless alarm systems, and easier to re-install while moving your home or restructuring your house. Wireless systems require a battery to be installed which needs to be monitored and replaced from time to time.]]>